Streamland Media is home to Picture Shop, Ghost VFX, Ingenuity Studios, Formosa Group and Picture Head. Through these renowned brands we provide post production expertise across the globe; offering Picture, Visual Effects, Sound and Marketing services to the industry’s top filmmakers and content creators. Our award-winning talent, world class facilities and innovative use of technology allow us to collaborate with a diverse group of storytellers and deliver solutions to a dynamic and expanding marketplace.

“Our model is based on a long-range vision that values the unique culture of each of our brands, fostering collaboration and creativity at every turn. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our success and the guarantee of our future.”

Bill Romeo, CEO


Picture Shop's award-winning team offers complete and integrated picture services for features and television. We provide a broad range of resources that encompass location services, edit and conform, color, unscripted sound, mastering and restoration, and delivery. Driven by exceptional talent, seamless workflows and cutting-edge technology we reliably deliver outstanding work to leading studios and independent content creators.
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Formosa Group is widely recognized as the leading force in post production audio. We are dedicated to advancing storytelling through visionary sound. Our award-winning creative talent engage with filmmakers and content creators around the world. We bring our innovative and imaginative approach to clients in the Features, Broadcast, Interactive, Commercial and Music Editorial spaces and have received numerous accolades and awards for our craft.
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Ghost VFX supports content creators across the globe by making the impossible possible and the unreal seem real. Our award-winning teams create stunning visual effects that couple extraordinary talent, abundant imagination and innovative technology. We have locations in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Manchester, London, Copenhagen, and Pune allowing us to provide around the clock resources to our clients.
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Ingenuity Studios is an in-demand, full-service visual effects studio serving discerning feature film, episodic television, music video, and advertising clients. We integrate seamless visual effects to propel the story, working directly with the creative visionaries producing content for all forms of delivery. We're headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional studios in New York, Vancouver, London, and Atlanta.
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Picture Head is the premiere destination for cutting edge, ad based finishing. As the innovator of the industry’s most efficient and advanced finishing technology, we partner with the world’s largest brands and studios customizing workflows to launch thousands of successful marketing campaigns across television, film and commercial trailers, broadcast / online promos and radio.
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